Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nana's Girls... Oompa's Girls...

Isn't this just sweet? I think Nana and Oompa will have to duke it out over whether or not they are Nana's Girls or Oompa's Girls. Emelia and Hannah absolutely adore their newest cousin, Clara and love to help in any way when we get to spend time with her. The last time we saw little Clara, she seemed to be quite enamored with Emelia's entertainment and she won the reward of several smiles. Such sweetness, you just have to eat it all up! But watch out for Oompa, girls, when he's gets ahold of you , you never come out without at least a touch of "rug burn"!

Pregnancy Test Recall...

Yes, It's very serious... I think they should do a recall on all pregnancy tests. At least all of the ones that I purchase... I've taken FOUR this last week and they all don't seem to work... they all keep saying, NO, ANGELA, YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT! Or maybe, in truth, they need to do a recall on me, since I don't seem to function properly! Yes, this may be TMI for some of you, but you caught me at a moment of frustration. All of us here at the West household are ready for a new little bundle to love and kiss and hold. Our great Lord even says in His word, "Be fruitful and multiply..." It seems I have trouble with the "fruitful" part. Most of the time I do pretty well and I try to focus on the fact that there are others out there who never get the chance to carry a child once, and I have been blessed with two living miracles! And I tell myself that God must have a reason for not allowing it thus far. And I also don't want to beg and beg, like an ungrateful child. And yet, there are a few days here and there when I just get into a funk and have my little pity party for a day or two. (If you didn't notice, today is one of those days.) But, on the other hand, I do think that God puts this desire to create life and be a mother into all women. It may manifest itself differently for each of you, but I think it is there and put there for a purpose by our Creator. What is it that He wants to birth in your life this year that you can nurture (mother)? Maybe it is a long lost passion, or vision. I know that if these desires for another baby are not fulfilled on this earth, He will most certainly bring about "new life" in another way in my life. (Poor Ted will come home and find a wall missing between our kitchen and dining room one of these days...) But for today I'm hogging down on dry coco puffs and "pitchin' a fit" as they say down in Memphis. And as Anne's teacher says on Anne of Green Gables, "Tomorrow is a new day, fresh, with no mistakes in it." Another day for breathing in, looking up and asking Him what the day will birth. I will leave you with a song that has been on my mind the last few days. We sang it in the mornings at camp when I was little. "Oh, praise the Lord for another day of life. Oh, praise the Lord for His promises are bright. I will praise the Lord with heart and soul and might and give Him glory, glory, glory from morn' till' night."

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The West Ranch currently consists of Ted, head Rancher, Angela, Ted's right hand woman, and two busy little wranglers, Emelia and Hannah.