Saturday, October 3, 2009

You just need a laugh today...

I have been sorting photos on my computer in anticipation of the yearly photo calendar for the grandparents and ran across these taken in June. I laughed pretty hard myself and could not resist sharing them with you in case you have had a rough week and just need to smile:) I could not quite decide what to call her, "Beach Cowgirl", "Summer Princess", or I guess "Diva" pretty much sums it all up, hugh?
And if she is not already mad at me for posting these (or will be someday), I don't even have to ask you what it looks like she is doing in this last pic. This one is especially to make her Oompa laugh... and we all know Oomps loves a good laugh!

And yes, those are Princess band-aids on both of her knees!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Life Lessons 101

So, one day Mommy got frustrated because the lesson plan called for us to make a 6 foot tall triangle that contained 1000 tiny triangles all glued onto 100 medium triangles, glued onto 10 large triangles, glued into the 6 foot tall "magnificat". Usually I look at the lesson plans the night before so I am prepared, but on this particular day I had not. We were not about to spend our entire day cutting and gluing. So, in my inner frustration I looked outside at the car and went Ah-Ha! Change of plans... what is more important in life, that you can glue a whole bunch of triangles together, or that you know how to clean the grub off your car? (Plus it saved me 6 to 8 dollars at the car-wash!)The girls had a total blast getting dirty, soapy and wet. And it happened to start raining while they were scrubbing which led to incredible laughter and giggling. By the end of the project we were all soaked to the bone and made a few memories that I hope they won't ever forget:)

Wigwams and Tee-Pees

Here's one of our latest projects for school. We have been studying early American History and the Native Americans. First we tore up bits of paper to make wigwams...
Then the girls pained designs for their tee-pees. I'd say they did a great job. Teacher says A+!

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