Thursday, May 28, 2009


We went to my parents cabin in Wisconsin for Memorial Day Weekend. Of course I took a ton of pics, too many to post all of them, but these two favorites caught my eye and I had to share them with you. This is one of our adorable nieces with her new shades and summer hat! Isn't she just a cupcake? I especially love the drool hanging from her chin! Kisses to you from Auntie, sweet "Clairs-Clairs"!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blue-Barry Paye & Help the Poor!

I just love this whole process of Emelia learning to read... there is something magical about first grade and unlocking the world of reading. And I love phonics! Emelia is doing such a great job learning to read and spell. Here is a taste of some of the wonderful papers she has created and brought to me recently. The first one is a recipe for Blueberry Pie... mmm! good! My favorite part is "put it in the "uvin" (oven):)And this next one just touches a mother's heart. This is her call to all of you out there to help the poor. The magazine she is referring to is the World Vision magazine that is sent out a couple times a year with tons of choices of things you can do to help the needy, such as purchasing a goat for a family or paying for young girls who are victims of abuse to have counseling and help. My sweet girl, whose love language is part "Words of Affirmation" starts out with kindness for you... "I love everyone (including you!)" and then her plea.... I look forward to seeing what God has in store for her loving heart!
Great job reading and writing my cowgirl... keep it up!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Hannah and I (Angela) were asked to be in a wedding of a friend from church in March. Hannah had the privilege of being the Flower Girl! Mommy sang two songs during the wedding. Here is Hannah at her "fitting" for the beautiful dress the bride chose for her to wear. She was so excited to have such a pretty dress to wear:) She did not want to take it off!

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The West Ranch currently consists of Ted, head Rancher, Angela, Ted's right hand woman, and two busy little wranglers, Emelia and Hannah.