Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not so funny...

Preface: I have been given permission by said man mentioned below to share with you his recent humiliation and pictures were taken with express permission of said man.

Wanted: Red headed man who went in for a trim, but left the "beauty parlor" with a buzz job. A very bad buzz job. Have you seen this man anywhere?
He is quite harmless and a great daddy to two adorable girls. He works hard at the local ethanol plant and loves coffee and his wife. His only flaw is impatience when it comes to needing a hair cut. He simply could not wait until Monday when his regular lady was available... and this is what happened...
He came home begging me not to be mad about his haircut (while donning a cap to cover up the "new do"). He claims that he did not know what was happening until the very end... He did not have his glasses on and the lady had turned him around in the chair so he could not see what was happening.... (Never mind the feeling of having all of your hair shaved off the top of your head...) The most crazy part is that the lady told him towards the end that if the cut was not just what he wanted he could come back to his regular lady for a tune up the next week. (What is left to "tune up"?) When he finally took off his cap to show us, Emelia and I had such a hard laugh we were crying!
I think I am in big trouble... I am sorry honey... I promise to never to that again... At least until the next time my hair is too long and I can't wait until Monday...
So, then he says, well, maybe it will look better when I wash it... it always looks better when you style it yourself... Hmmm, I wonder? My best guess is that we will be singing Cock-A-Doodle-Doo about the time we leave for Jamaica in 3 weeks!
But, I promised to stay with my man, for better or worse... even bad haircuts:)


I was correcting some of Emelia's Language worksheets yesterday and came across a couple of answers that just made me crack up. I thought you might like something to make you smile on this Wednesday!

Name two reasons why the Liberty Bell is important to you.

A: "The Liberty Bell is important to me because I love the verse on it and because it is important to everone ells in the world."

Why do you think the eagle is our national bird?

A: "Because it looks big like our flag and because it looks serious."

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Christmas Fun!

OK, so I know Christmas was a long time ago, but Hey, better late than never... The girls had fun making Haystacks, something I made with my mom when I was a kid! As you can see, someone got to lick the spoon...
One really neat family tradition that my parents started when I was a kid was to buy us a new ornament each Christmas so that when we got married we had a set of ornaments to start out our new family tree with. Isn't that a great idea? My favorite ornament to this day is still my "Baby's First Christmas" ornament. Anyways, we have continued the tradition with the girls. This year Emelia got a horse... (I wonder why?)
And Hannah got a ballerina!
We all had a lot of sickness in December and the kids could not play outside much. (Hannah had H1N1 and pneumonia at the same time, uff dah! It was a stressful week!) So, one day Emelia was well and could play outside, but Hannah could not. So, I got her a bowlful of snow and let her make it different colors with food coloring. She thought that was very cool! (Literally!)

"They're driving me up a wall"...

So, have your kids been driving you up a wall? Mine just climb up the wall themselves... This is Miss Emelia getting in her "gymnastics" in between the dining room and the kitchen. She came out a monkey and still is! We all can't wait until spring!

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The West Ranch currently consists of Ted, head Rancher, Angela, Ted's right hand woman, and two busy little wranglers, Emelia and Hannah.