Tuesday, August 9, 2011

December Slideshow

OK, so If I am ever gonna catch up I've got to do something different or I'm going to be posting December photos for the next two months! So, I'm trying a slideshow! As you can see Wyatt played several imortant roles in December... Santa, a Star and even better, Baby Jesus at our churches Christmas program. We are not sure if Jesus had a passy, but it was either that or lots of baby Jesus squaking:)

Monday, August 8, 2011

More December fun...

So, I guess I must have been crazy or something because I decided that it would be fun to have the girls make all of these neat jar mixes to give as gifts for Christmas. And Wyatt was only 6 weeks old. I keep saying that he took the last of all my brain cells, and it must be true. Their enthusiasm lasted about 15 minutes and then they were ready to move on to the next exciting thing and I was stuck with a lot of half done jars... Pouring barley is fun!
Cutting up sun dried tomatoes was not as much fun...
The finished products, a yummy soup mix, muffin mix and totally rad brownie mix!
Whoa baby, who is this cute Passey Posse who just showed up? Actually this hat is one of my big sisters hats for her doll that I borrowed to go with my super cute outfit from great grandma:)
OOPS, I got the order messed up, but this was a baby carrier that I got for Wyatt and have loved. Now that he is bigger, it's hard to carry him but this has been a very handy carrier since it folds up so small when not in use. And he felt totally secure and snuggly in there:)

Yeah, that's a wink, wink for you!

All right now, that's enough monkey business, put em' up folks!

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