Monday, November 15, 2010

Bird Baths & Cradle Time

Here is the little buckaroo during his first bird bath...He was not impressed!
Happy now that it's over and he's now bundled up for a long winter's nap!
I'm tellin' ya, he's a happy little fella!
First night in the cradle, made lovingly by Oompa. All of our children have slept in the cradle. He seems to like to stare at the spindles a lot.

Blue Light Special...

So, I am sure some of you are wondering why it has taken me so long to post more pics... except for the obvious excuse that I'm getting no sleep and all I do is feed baby right now. Well, we actually had quite a rough first week and ended up back in the hospital for two days with Wyatt due to very high billiruben (jaundice) levels. After two days in the hospital we were able to go home, but had billi-blankets (blankets with lights in them) on him for the rest of the week trying to get his numbers to go down. We learned a lot about Jaundice and that there are several types of Jaundice. The kind he has is called breast milk jaundice where something in my milk is hindering him from being able to process the billiruben in a timely manner. Yes, it was a stressful week, filled with lots of tears, prayers and asking God why this is happening, when he created mommy's to be able to feed their babies in the first place. To make the long story very short, God protected Wyatt, He is bringing the billiruben numbers down (slowly) and I am still able to nurse him, despite the hindrance I am causing for him. God is faithful and we praise Him for working in this situation as we have walked through it.
Here he is at the hospital laying on his "blue" bed. He was such a good boy and really put up with a lot in his first week of life. In case you didn't know, his name means "little warrior" and we know he is already living up to his name!
Eyes open, how sweet!
These were taken in the hospital when he was soaking up the rays from the sun and I think they are so precious. I love daddy's hands wrapped around his sweet body.
Some of you may not have heard the story of finding out we were expecting Wyatt. Ted got down on his knees in early February and asked the Lord to open my womb. Just a few weeks later we discovered we were expecting another baby! I can only think of the verse in 1 Samuel 1:28, "For this boy I prayed, and the Lord has given me my petition which I asked of Him." And we are learning as Hannah in the bible learned that we must give this child (and all of our children) back into the Lord's hands for his care every day of his life. Thank you Jesus for entrusting us with this incredible gift.
He's even got a little smirk... He knows he's a miracle!

Going Home Day

Here is our little man a smilin' and dreamin' on Sunday morning, two days old. So young, yet we are so in love with him already!
This was the incredible view I woke up to on Sunday morning, the day we took our little buddy home with us. Steve Green has an old song that has a line in it which says, "Oh, His love is written all across the sky..." And oh BOY was it written all across the sky on this day!One thing I love about the hospital is there is always great light coming in the windows... and I had to take advantage of this sweet Daddy and Son moment.

And then made Ted capture on of Mommy and Son too!
When we got home there was no rest for the weary as the girls were looking forward to the Happy Harvest party at the local church (Halloween alternative) taking place that night! The girls were excited to wear their pioneer costumes!
And did you know that I was sewing Hannah's costume just before I went into labor? Nothing like waiting until the last minute to get it done! Uff Dah!
The girls thought it was super fun to put him in this basket...
Our super cute children!

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